The Designer Yorkies

Guardian Program 

The Guardian Program is being implemented in homes that are trusted. The goal of the program is for our highest quality dogs to be in homes where they will be treated with care and a normal dog life, while still contributing to the Designer Yorkies Breeding Program.

The Guardian Program is one of the riskiest decisions for Designer Yorkies. Dogs are family, which makes for an emotional situation. 

If you are considering joining the Designer Yorkies Breeding Program as a Guardian, here a few FAQ’s you should know.

What does the guardian pay for?

The Guardian Pays for routine care of the dog like food and vaccinations. If the dog is injured the Guardian is responsible for vet bills. 

What happens if the dog dies?

If the dog dies accidentally there is no liability on the part of the Guardian.

Do I have to buy the dog?

We sell our Guardian Dogs for $1500. This gives the Guardian Family the opportunity