Hi, my name is Janet Tolbert, I am the founder of Designer Yorkies.

First off I just want to say thank you for visiting the website. I hope to have all the information possible about myself the breeder and founder of Designer Yorkies, and my experience with Yorkies made available to you.

How It All Started

When I was a newlywed I knew I wanted to have a dog. My husband Todd always said once we got into our first home I could have a dog.

Todd called me on his way home from work and asked where I was. I told him I was looking at a dog. He loves to tell this story because he had no warning before that phone call lol. Long story short, our little JoJo came home with us that day. She actually loved Todd A lot more than she loved me. Todd complained that he wanted a big dog, but I’ll tell you right now, he cuddled her up nonstop.

Our First Litter

After having JoJo around. I quickly came to realize how much I enjoyed animals. As a young person, I was still trying to discover what my passion in life was. I would soon come to realize that my true passion in life was animals.


My neighbor had a beautiful little male Yorkie who was champion sired. I wanted to have a litter of puppies, and JoJo was very healthy.

Todd built a wooden whelping box for JoJo. I still remember how I didn’t even ask him to do it. He knew the puppies were coming and made JoJo a nice space for her to have her first litter.


Todd has always supported me in everything that I want to do in life. Being a breeder can be tough on family life. We have a hard time leaving to do any vacations because a dog might need to be bred, or we have puppies that are here for 8 weeks and I can’t leave for more than a few hours. Despite the many other inconveniences, he is always there. Not just for me, but for our furry family. He is the master cuddler in our house. He is the calm steady rock. We haven’t ever had a pup that wouldn’t cuddle on his chest for a rest.  I take on the more visible tasks, of talking to clients and doing the social media, but Todd is always there happy to be in the background and out of the spotlight. His quiet strength is the heart of our family two and four-footed.

Janet Tolbert The Breeder and Founder

 I don’t even know where to start. Being a breeder has taught me so much about myself, and helped me be a better person. We can learn so many simple lessons about ourselves from these sweet creatures.  I guess that is all I can say that does any justice to my feelings. I have the deepest respect for animals. They truly do have the power to change lives. I feel immense satisfaction at the good my dogs are doing in the world. I will continue to push the limits of what can be achieved through educated breeding. Each puppy means a great deal to me, and I believe in empowering each puppy to reach its full potential in life. When they reach their full potential, they serve themselves well and touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Please Enjoy Looking at this Family Picture Gallery

I love Coca Cola!

I love the outdoors!

Horsemanship is my life goal.