I debated putting this up for a long time. These photos are very personal to me, But I want all my clients and potential clients to be able to see for themselves how my yorkies live – they are my family.

This is Denali & Molly. Just relaxing in the memory foam bed I got them for Christmas.

This is my last pic I took of little Lucky before he went to his new mommy in Mexico. I completely broke down at the airport leaving him. He has a special place in our hearts. He loved to watch tv in bed with us at night.

Getting a Vet Checkup

This is my husband laying in the crib with our son, and one of our yorkie babies. This was taken in 2011.

Little Apollo just hanging out on  the rocking chair. 2015

Our Son Having supervised play with the puppies. Some children can be taught how to be gentle at even the youngest of ages.

From 2009 – Jojo Hanging out with Todd


Enjoying some puppies 2011

Two Pregnant Ladies