All About Your Yorkies Food

Yorkies have very sensitive digestive tracts. Abruptly changing their food can be very hard on their little bodies and cause diarrhea for more than 48 hours. And on top of sensitive tummy’s they are notorious picky Eaters !
If you ever notice your yorkie vomiting yellow stomach bile its usually because they are not eating their food. If that does happen try giving them a small piece of bread or cooked chicken with no salt or pepper. You can also stir honey in their water or give them nutri cal for puppies. Nutri cal is a high calorie gel. White Karo Syrup is also a great to help get some sugar in their system and stimulate their tummy to make them hungry and bring the appetite back.
I have been breeding dogs for quite a few years, and what food to feed is the question that I have come back around to countless times. I have tried everything.  Let me give you the main points.

– Lifes abundance “Small breed puppy” is the best dog food out there. Never had a recall on it and its made in the U.S.A..

You can get it here –

You can’t just go buy it at petco or petsmart because it’s fresh!!!! It doesn’t sit on any shelves for a year or longer you get it right from the manufacturer.  My dogs coat and teeth, have drastically improved since switching to Life’s abundance. It has –

  • Guaranteed Omega-3’s & 6’s for healthy skin & coat
  • Antioxidant system including vitamins C & E
  • No corn or wheat glutens, artificial colors or flavors (this one is HUGE)
  • Made in Ohio and New York
– Royal Canin has Chicken by-product in it, the junk parts of the chicken like the feet, intestines, etc…
– Life’s Abundance has Chicken Meal in it – condensed good parts of the chicken – the actual chicken breast.
– Your dog needs grains, grain free food is a fad, the only reason to buy it is in the rare case your dog has a grain sensitivity
– , Life’s Abundance has amazing treats, the turkey and berry ones are a huge hit with my yorkies. You can get them here –
They also have a great kiwi mango shampoo and mist spray. You can shampoo your dogs multiple times a week and they won’t get flaky and dried out with this shampoo. I have spent hundreds of dollars on different shampoos and sprays. The kiwi from Life’s abundance is the best, yorkies specifically – get that yucky i’ve been outside smell really bad even just being outside for 30 seconds right after a bath. The kiwi mist completely stops that and they smell great for DAYS !! lol, its amazing. I love having my little yorkies in my bed or laying on my pillow because they smell great with that kiwi shampoo and mist spray.
I actually signed up with life’s abundance to represent they’re food. I get a commission for people that click my “link” and buy anything on life abundance. I appreciate those who use my link and give me credit for they’re purchase, but either way Im happy if you buy life’s abundance dog food. Everyone should be feeding this food, and especially my clients who get puppies that are already Life’s Abundance.   It’s enough for me to know you take the time to go on order some of this food for your puppy because I know they will have the best chance at a long healthy life. The cool thing is that even though its a great food its well priced, and your dog will eat less (and poop less) because its more nutrient dense. One bag lasts forever, because yorkies are tiny!
Happy Feeding!  With lots of love – Janet