Health Testing 

 Health testing for the yorkshire terrier is actually quite minimal. There are only two tests required. 

  When someone asks “have you done health testing”, I just want to giggle because usually people just ask that question to try and dismiss any breeders legitimacy. 

  When in fact, both of these Hereditary problems become apparent easily in the breed early in the life of a dog, and good lines have had them bred out for 10 plus generations. 

  As a breeder when I buy into a good line with a reputation, I know I’m not going to have the problems these two tests are reccomended for. Negating the need to do them. And these also show up before its time to breed, and I would not breed a dog who showed these hereditary problems. 

  So when it comes down to it, who are these tests for? Why would a breeder who is ethical and spends the money to get good lines,even do them? It is only to satisy the buyer. Some people will not buy a dog unless health testing has been done. Even if the buyer doesn’t even know what tests those might be. 

  Note: Even if both parents have had health testing done – 5 generations back can actually affect the puppy you are buying. Having both parents health tested is good, and greatly indicates the health of a pup. But know, that it is still not a guarantee because if great great grandpa had luxating patellas, that could pop up in the puppy you are looking at. In breeding that is called a “Throwback”

  Buying from good lines that are trusted, is key. Its what I as a breeder rely on when investing thousands of dollars into breeding stock. 

  Make sure not only does your breeder know the two tests that are a concern for the yorkie breed, but also has a guarantee that covers the genetic concerns for the yorkie breed. 

  Mine, does. I am very confident in my lines. I have invested well in good breeding lines. But here at Designer Yorkies, I am dedicated to giving a better guarantee and maintaining a higher standard. That is why we are investing in health testing. Its one thing for me as a breeder to know pedigrees and know the reputations attached to the pedigrees. It is however, another, to have my clients have complete confidence that they’re puppy they are taking home to be a part of they’re family, will live a healthy life. 

  Its peace of my mind for my clients. That is enough of a reason for me, to invest in health testing. 

  So, if you are considering becoming a Designer Yorkies Client, and part of the Designer Yorkies Family, all you need to do is click this link “OFA Health Testing-Yorkie”and type in the AKC registration # of the dog you want to check for health test results on the OFA Website. 

Health Tests – Required and Optional Per the AKC, OFA, and YTCA for the Yorkshire Terrier