First you simply go to the website Then select “Products & Services” from the second menu. I have a red check mark next to it in the picture. Then click register a litter, I also have a red check mark next to that option. 

This page will then come up. You are going to select Register a litter, and then select “I only own the Dam of the Litter” 

After that, AKC will guide you through a few more questions. If you look at this image to the right, this is the information you will need to provide. The information you will need from the stud owner is their email address they use with AKC, and The sires AKC registration #. 

After that there are a few more steps, you will need to give the # of puppies in the litter, and then pay for the registration papers. After you pay, an email will be automatically sent to the stud owner. The stud owner will see the email, then click a link that brings them to their AKC account, where the stud owner will then approve the litter and confirm that their stud was in fact used to produce the litter that is being registered. 

  Once that is done by the stud owner, you will receive an email  saying that your litter registration was approved. Then you will get the registration papers in the mail 1-2 weeks later.   Its that easy ! Thanks, Janet.