Milk Fever In Dogs

  This information is for every single dog breed out there. After reading so many posts on facebook by people with these symptoms and not even realize that they have an issue that is fixable is crazy. 

  I breed extremely tiny dogs. The smaller the mother the more apt they are to have problems with calcium. I have had to learn very quickly exactly how to deliver propper nutrients to a bitch to succesfully breed. 

  Milk fever is no joke. And I have seen people saying that all the panting they’re momma dog is doing is totally normal. When I know first hand if that dog had propper vitamins on board it wouldn’t be panting like that. 

  First of all – people say that panting is a sign that the dog is producing milk – and yes to an extent that is correct. If you’re dog is panting for more than 10 minutes and panting with quick fast breaths – they are making milk – and they’re body is trying to pull calcium out of the dogs bones. We don’t want that.