How can I tell if my female dog is pregnant? 

X – ray’s on dogs cannot be done until later when pregnancy is already obvious, and even ultrasounds are unreliable. What makes it even harder to tell, is that dogs hormonally go through all the same changes even if there are no puppies. That means teats getting big, nesting, and even sometimes milk at 63 days with no puppies.  So what are a couple ways to tell if your dog is actually pregnant? Let me show you a couple tricks of the trade. 

Pale Gums 

21 days after your female is bred, the fertilized eggs will implant into the wall of the uterus. Becaue of this, the dogs body redirects blood flow to the uterus. Or so it is said anyway. This will cause her gums to look more pale. So take a pic of your dogs gums when she is bred, count 21 days, and take another pic. We did the reserach to find out what other breeders said about the success of using this method to confirm pregnancy, and the results were 100% positive way to confirm pregnancy in your female dog. 

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