When is my stud old enough to breed?

When can my stud start breeding?

I get asked these questions all the time. Everyone wants to know when to expect to be able to use their stud for breeding.

The answer is simple.

Every stud is different. There is not a set age. So its not like – okay your stud hit 10 months – he’s totally ready. NO!!!

Studs become fertile at varying different ages. That fertility readiness comes predicated upon genetics, traits inherited genetically.

Your stud could be humping like crazy that does not mean he’s ready.

If you know the sires age at which he created and first sired a litter that is a good indicator but still not 100%.

Some studs are ready as early as 6 months old, or as late as 18 months old.

I will say – that just because a stud has sired litter doesn’t mean he’s fully mature either.

I have collected sperm on a 9 month old male , checked it under a microscope and he had some viable sperm. But didn’t really have a high sperm count with great motility. He still managed a litter. But then 4 months later, collect and check his sperm and I get a lot more collection with a super high sperm count, great motility, and no abnormal sperm seen under the scope.

The reason im telling you this is to help you understand that males come into themselves/mature over time. They don’t just hit the height of their maturity overnight.

Word to the wise – if you don’t understand how to collect from a male and inseminate, and everything about that. Don’t go collecting on a stud before he’s ever tied. Your stud/male comes with the instinct to hump. But that first time he ties a female can take a long time, he doesn’t know exactly how breeding is suppose to work until after that first tie. Then after that every time he ties, he will get better at it, more focused and tie faster every time.

If you start collecting him by hand, he will look to you when a bitch in heat is around and he will never attempt to breed naturally. So in affect, you can debilitate your stud from naturally tieing if you hand collect him (just to see his sperm quality) before he has naturally tied at least a handful of times.

I only know this cuz ive done it. I even have had my little tucker who only naturally bred for a year, then when I started hand collecting him to inseminate two bitches who went into heat at once – he would hump a couple times and then come over to me expecting me to take care of him lol .

Now he will not breed naturally, even if I leave him alone with a bitch in heat and watch on the cam from another room.

Nothing is for certain though, you might be able to do both without your stud, but just know and understand that each stud is different with a different personality. 

 A young stud could tie without  even any ejaculate coming out. This makes it difficult to know when your stud is ready, and you may want to avoid hand collecting until he has naturally tied, but if you do hand collect him and there is cloudyness in the collection – good chance he’s ready. If its totally clear, theres no sperm in there. 

Family history is  the best indicator. Remember there are 3 ejaculates during breeding, the first ejaculate that primes the “pipes” lol, the second sperm rich fraction, and the third fraction that has no sperm that just pushes the sperm rich fraction in deeper.

More frequently asked questions are, how can I help my stud have more sex drive, how can I increase my male dogs fertility?

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